The perfect tool for achieving the ultimate design & sharing it

If you are an Architect, Engineer, Interior Designer, Property Developer or anyone who want's to experience, experiment with, and share designs in hyper-realistic, interactive 3D, we have the perfect solution for you.



Allow your clients to easily explore your designs freely in 3D using any device including mobile, tablet, PC, and VR headset.

SQUARE_Branded Desktop App


You and your clients can customise design features in real-time while being fully immersed to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.



Our visualisations are playable on any device with an up-to-date web browser and are therefore easy and practically free to share with anyone, anywhere in the world.

How it works

In 3 Steps

  • 1. Consultation

    Give us a call or email us and we’ll arrange an in-depth consultation to determine the best solution for you.

  • 2. Creation

    This is where we process imagery and incorporate custom modelling and other features specific to your project.

  • 3. Refine & Publish

    When you’re satisfied the project has fulfilled its brief, it’s time to integrate with your online presence and go live!

Virtual fitout demo

Example projects

Key features

Photorealistic modelling

After a thorough consultation with you, we create your tour or tours from processing 360° photography, 3D laser scans, modelling from the ground up or a combination of the three.

Branded webpages

We create at least 1 webpage for you and potentially more depending on your projects requirements. We can also embed our virtual tour viewers directly into your website, just like embedding a youtube video.

Branded desktop app

If you require the ultimate experience in terms of high-resolution, custom interactivity and infinite renders, our desktop app, which we can skin in your branding, is for you.

Custom interactivity

We can customise what information is displayed within your tours, and also what items can be customised and to what extent, especially when considering our power desktop application.

Social / web integration

We can embed our interactive virtual tour viewers directly into your website and social sites like Facebook, like embedding a Youtube video, and we will ensure all your social share links are set up and working.

Branded VR headsets

At a per-unit cost similar to other promo items like calendars and mugs, wow your clients, investors or whoever with hyper-immersive VR headsets playing your virtual tours.

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